If you are covered by a dental insurance we can assist you in filling out the paperwork.
When requested, we will gladly provide you with a written estimate of the treatment required.
We accept cash payment and Danish Visa/Dancard.

Fra kr. Til kr.
Small molar filling (premolar) on 2 surfaces 1.058,- 1.085,-
Small molar filling (premolar) on 3 surfaces 1.375,- 1.375,-
Crown, metal/ceramic large molar 5.000,- 6.168,-
Endodontic treatment of incisor (1 canal) 1.604,- 2.000,-
Endodontic treatment of molar (3 canals) 2.654,- 3.000,-
Bridge (fixed partial denture) 15.000,- 18.504,-
Surgical removal of tooth 1.521,- 2.241,-
Local anesthesia 285,- 285,-